Sex Life

The Influence of the First Sexual Experience on Body Image

It is well-known fact that for most people the first sexual encounter is the most memorable. But how exactly this impacts one's sense of self-worth and body image has remained elusive. A 2011 study conducted by researchers at Pennsylvania State University investigated this subject and shed some light…

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The Two Most Common Sexual Problems Men Face

Sex is an important aspect of human life. Sex is present in our minds from the moment we reach puberty and till the end of our lives. And it's not only about reproduction; nowadays, sex is more looked upon as a source of pleasure – perhaps the biggest physical pleasure available to human beings.

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Why Foreplay Is as Important as Intercourse Itself

It is never a good approach to start a car in the morning and move it immediately without giving the engine some time to warm up. The same also applies to sex, which means that jumping directly to intercourse without any foreplay does not give either of you a very pleasurable experience.


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