What You Should Know about the ED Drug Sildalis

Erectile dysfunction is by far the most common sexual disorder, and it affects close to 30 million men in the USA alone. It is a problem that can affect individuals both psychologically and physically. And this is because sexual prowess is one of the things that guys take pride in and most believe that it is their birthright to get and maintain a firm erection. Be that as it may, the good news is that there is an effective solution to the problem - ED drugs, one of which is Sildalis.

What is Sildalis?

buy sildalisSildalis is a medication whose primary purpose is to help men deal with erectile dysfunction. But unlike most other drugs for treating ED, it comes with a unique formulation that combines tadalafil and sildenafil, and this makes it one of the most efficient and powerful drugs for dealing with this common problem.

Previously, scientist believed that it was not possible to combine tadalafil and sildenafil because both act in a very similar way and so combining them would lead to an overdose. However, after many years of research, there was a breakthrough in combining them without causing an overdose, and this is how Sildalis came into the scene.

How does it work?

Just like most other ED drugs, Sildalis is a PDE-5 inhibitor. This means that it works by inhibiting a particular enzyme to prevent it from breaking down the cGMP nucleotide. The cGMP nucleotide is in charge of sending signals from the brain to the penis so as to command it to relax and allow more blood flow in, which leads to an erection. PDE-5 breaks down this critical nucleotide, and this means that the penis does not get these important signals, which makes it difficult for men to get and maintain a stable erection. By inhibiting PDE-5, Sildalis ensures that cGMP can do its job well.

What is the right dosage?

sildalis pillsAlthough you can take this pill 20 minutes before intercourse, experts recommend taking it at least an hour before for maximum effects. Each tablet of this drug contains 120mg of the active ingredients which are 100mg of sildenafil citrate and 20mg of tadalafil. You can only take no more than a single pill every 24 hours.

Does Sildalis have any side effects?

It is almost impossible to find any medication - and not just those for treating ED - that does not have any side effects. However, in most instances, the possible side effects that may come with this drug are minor and manageable. These possible side effects can include sensitivity to light, mild impairment of vision, heartburn, a drop in blood pressure, and dizziness or vomiting in rare instances.

However, if you get any other severe effects after taking the pill, it is vital to contact the doctor immediately.

Are there any precautions that men should take?

There are no special precautions that a guy will need to take when using this drug. But just like with most other pills for treating ED, you should not take it if you are under any medication that contains nitrates or you are allergic to any of its active ingredients. Also, you must not take Sildalis (as well as any other PDE-5 inhibitor) without consulting your doctor first if you have heart problems or have been recovering from a stroke or heart attack.