Why Foreplay Is as Important as Intercourse Itself

It is never a good approach to start a car in the morning and move it immediately without giving the engine some time to warm up. The same also applies to sex, which means that jumping directly to intercourse without any foreplay does not give either of you a very pleasurable experience.

Foreplay is a vital part of lovemaking, and in many instances it is the difference between an unforgettable sexual experience and a mediocre one.foreplay The impromptu sexual encounters can result in some of the most outstanding sexual experiences, and here a few reasons why foreplay is as important - if not more important - as intercourse.

Warming up for intercourse

Sex requires both physical and mental preparation so that both participants in the act can enjoy it. For women, foreplay is essential for warming up their sexual organ as it helps them produce natural lubrication which is necessary to make sure that intercourse is not rough on them and is pleasurable. Also, having enough foreplay increases the flow of blood to a woman's genital area thus causing the enlargement of both the labia and clitoris, and this makes the intercourse much more pleasurable. Men also benefit from foreplay as it helps them get and maintain a hard erection.

You get to learn what your partner likes

If you want a long-term relationship with a harmonious sex life, you need to learn what your partner likes or what turns them on. Foreplay gives you enough time to learn about what your better half likes or enjoys most, and this will make your sex life much better. Those minutes you spend touching and kissing her give you the opportunity to read your woman like a book, and so you will always know the right places to touch to arouse your woman.

It spices up sex life

Age has a way of ruining your sex life because as the years catch up, you will need some extra spice so that you can be ready for intercourse. Foreplay is important not just for arousal but also because it makes the whole experience more exciting and enjoyable. Whereas the penetration will only last for several minutes, there is not a time limit when it comes to foreplay because nothing will stop you from enjoying it for as long as you both would want.

Foreplay helps with orgasms

Ladies don’t always get an orgasm even after several minutes of nonstop intercourse. However, the chances increase considerably if they get the right and enough foreplay. And so foreplay in many instances is the only way to ensure that the woman gets an orgasm or even multiple ones during intercourse.

Mastering foreplay is the most reliable way of ensuring that you please your partner in all sexual aspects. Although most men tend to consider intercourse to be the most important part of sex, you should never skip foreplay as it ensures that you give your partner a ‘full package’.